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Glass Nurds

We are professionals in the fields of Architectural Construction & Design with decades of experience, and a life long passion for Modern Glazing.

It is our mission to empower your Architectural Vision with instrumental tools delivering the functionality, the natural light & beauty, your project deserves, along with responsible professionalism that affords our clients, and partnered architects, piece of mind as well as professional pride.


Trimless & Flush

Minimal Glass Slider System

 20mm mullion

6m HIGH hand moved

6m HIGH hand moved

Trimless & Flush

Minimal Glass Slider System

 20mm mullion



Our Solutions & Partners of choice

review and curate modern building solutions to be offered in Canada. We focus on Glazed Openings and Glass Frames for the exterior building envelope. These elements, where solid opaque surfaces transition into voids, or transparent (invisible) ones are most fundamental pertaining to architectural functionality & expression.   


We study each potential solution evaluating its underlying technical concept, measuring it for Simplicity & Adherence to Sound Building Principals. We consider those solutions that feature a Minimal (reduced or otherwise simplified) visual & technical signature through the thoughtful implementation of Sound Principals to be Great Designs. 
We are proud to offer these for your project.

Our offerings are sourced from the best manufacturers and fabricators in Europe. We work with them to confirm optimal applicability in Canada, and develop any desired variants, addressing any Canada specific challenges.

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Partners for Exterior Tools
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131 Tyrrel Avenue.

Toronto, Ontario.

Canada. M6G-2G6


Tel: 647.500.4103

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