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Excellent Performance & XL Glass Units

Minimal Glass - Invisible & Flush Frames

Aluminum | Steel | Fiberglass 

THEINVISIBLETOOLBOX is proudly partnered with OTIIMA | Much more than a window of Portugal, as the manufacturers exclusive arm to Canadas East Coast serving Ontario, Quebec, Nova-Scotia, Newfoundland and Labrador, and Prince Edward Island.

OTIIMA glazing solutions are of extreme durability & performance, whilst seamless with the buildings architectural intent.

Amongst the offerings are Frameless, Flush, or Invisible Frames for glazing units of up to 27m'sq. & mullions as thin as 20mm.    

We provide sales, technical support & installation of OTIIMA solutions to: Architects, Contractors, & Private clients.


















The Company, The Solutions, Plus projects featuring 

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Much more than a window.

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Mullion sight lines only 19mm slim!
Moveable units of 27sq'meters.
Extreme durability & Strength.
Highest performance.
Lowest service.


We are confident you will find the solutions offered, to be of high value

and look forward to be instrumental towards your project goals. 


Our team is at your service for any technical construction or sales matter.

Please get in touch, phone, e-mail, or arrange to see us!

Flush &
Concealed Frames
Multiple operable types
Fully configurable & Custom layouts
Faithful architectural transition from concept reality



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131 Tyrrel Avenue.

Toronto, Ontario.

Canada. M6G-2G6


Tel: 647.500.4103

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